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The Artists

Specializing in hand-blown glass objects ranging from platters and vases to hanging ornaments, this father and son glass artist team has over 20 years experience at various cooperative studio locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and have been working together continuously since 1996.

Their glass art items exhibit intense pattern work from color spirals, frit and overlays along with hand manipulation using age-old tools and techniques. Their body of work includes many individual art pieces shown through galleries, exhibits, and studio displays, as well as custom art installations of multiple pieces combined to view as a single art statement.  Working currently from a warehouse studio in Dallas, hand-blown objects are created within an hour’s time from the beginnings of molten glass in a 2000+ degree furnace to the completed object placed in an annealing kiln to cool slowly overnight. Each work of art is a product of combined efforts of each of the MarrsArt team members, including artist assistants Rob Brandenburg, Nick Gleicher, Matt Hare, and Sharon Ashby with the lead artist, or “Gaffer”, in control of the design. During the regular work week, the studio is operated and managed by Master Glass Artist Aaron Tate.

The majority of the equipment and many of the tools used are hand made by the artists in the studio, who devote their weekends to the hot glass.

Both artists have degrees in Architecture from Texas Tech University (Ron, 1969; Chris, 1996). Ron and Chris are practicing architects in a local firm.  Both are Dallas-Fort Worth area natives.

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